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who we are

We are a community of people who have come to the end of ourselves. As painful as that end may have been, it is there that we found a rescuer in the person of Jesus Christ. It was there at the end of our life that we were reborn into this new life of the Spirit.


Oh, we still struggle and that is plain to see. We remain all too human as we allow God to change us and build His character in us. Call it recovery or sanctification, but call us fortunate to be appropriating God's power for change.


Having received new life in Christ, we now have His message of love, forgiveness, and reconciliation. Yes, we have the gospel of Jesus Christ, "the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes." (Romans 1:16)


So, join us. God is in us. You can see Him, hear Him, beyond our limitations. We may be from backgrounds of addiction, abuse, divorce, poverty, and fear, but we have become children of the Living God.

our Staff
Rev. Reba McCray

Senior Pastor

CEO of ARC Recovery Services

Rev. Jim Riffle

Associate Pastor 

Benjamin Heischman

Head of Men's ministry

Rev. Sandy Riffle

Community Coordinator

Erica Howard 

Head of Women's Ministry

David Lemon
Melissa Heischman

Office Assistant

Aaron Vernon

Beacon Manager 

Outreach Coordinator

Jeanne Schramm

ICIT Coordinator

Garden Club

Desiree McKenzie

Worship Director


Susan Lee

Youth Ministry Director

Megan Johnson

Assistant Director of Operations

Michael Lee
Jim Chiarello 

Head of Prayer Team 

Head of Ushers Ministry

Elaine Balas 

Children's Ministry Director

James Osborn

Head of Sound team

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