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The church goes a lot farther than our four walls. That said, there is always something going on here and tons of ways to get involved. Whether it's chairing a recovery meeting, leading children's activities, or storming heaven with intercessory prayer, we need you. Take a look, then take a step: God's purpose and plan for you awaits.  

Children's Ministry
Our kids are our future. Want to see the love of God sweep the world? It starts in our homes, in our classes, with our kids. Whether through media, projects, games, lessons or worship we make one thing clear to our kids: "God loves you." 
*We have morning class from 10 to 11am for ages 12 to potty trained. children's breakfast is served at 9:30am on Sunday's in the beacon.

Youth Group
Our vision is to build structure that gives firm foundation to our youth. To live an honest, meaningful life. Our Youth will learn life skills through discipleship, mentoring and the word of God. We seek to build their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. 

*We have an evening class from 7 to 8pm for age group 13 through 18 during church service!


ARC Recovery Service 
We have a heart for recovery, just like Jesus did. What ever your addiction, there is freedom available in Christ. This redemptive work is visible throughtout our congregation. 
The ARC meeting is a Christ centered 12 step meeting that gathers a community of over 150 attendees every Friday night @ 7pm. In addition to the ARC meeting, we have both men and women recovery homes and offering an array of other services to those in recovery from addiction.

Prayer Team 
Prayer works, period. Because it is so essential, we offer prayer at every service. We also meet on Monday's at 6:30 in the secret place to intercede together on behalf of the body. During this time, we lift up the prayer requests left in the prayer basket in our lobby or here online. "Where two or more gather there He is...." 

Women's Ministry

Being a mom, wife, woman in the 21st century is hard. We need the network and encouragement of other women to lift each other up, not cut each other down. Whether it's movie nights or weekend retreats, we have tons of opportunities for you to grow in Christ and in relationship with other godly women.

Men's Ministry
"Iron sharpens Iron," and our men's ministry affords many opportunities for you to do so. We offer bible studies, outings, weekend retreats, and monthly prayer breakfast. Whether young or having an experience in your walk with Christ you can find your tribe here.

Beacon Cafe
Fellowship is a huge part of maintaining unity in the body of Christ. What better way to do it than with coffee and music? Every Friday night at 8pm (after the ARC meeting, we do just that: spend time in the presence of God, together with friends.

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